Assaf Rinde brings a depth of soul and level of mastery that is rarely seen in today's world of Hollywood film scoring. His intuitive grasp of musical storytelling combined with a deep understanding of the human heart bring forth a distinctive and entirely unique musical aesthetic. A profound awareness of narrative, extensive technological skills, and symphonic virtuosity from years of classical orchestral study make him exceptionally suited for the rigors of modern media scoring. From the driving urgency of today's video games to the poignancy and sophistication of large-scale dramatic features, Assaf delivers a sound that is original, compelling, and emotionally engaging.

With over fifty feature, television, web, and video game credits to his name, Assaf has the experience and talent necessary to be an invaluable collaborator on any project. He worked with acclaimed composer Christopher Young on such high-profile films as GHOST RIDER and SPIDERMAN 3, as well as contributed music for the popular video games FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, 2011 THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, and 2011 RAGE, and most recently ROCKET TOSS developed by Oculus.

Assaf's most recent films include GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD, THE PULSE OF LIFE, GIMME SHELTER, SOMETHING’S GONNA LIVE, A LETTER FROM THE PAST, AMEXICA, NAILED, and KILL ZONE, which brought him a nomination for Best Original Score in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.  His scoring work also extends into theatrical trailers for major studio films such as BOOK OF ELI, DUMB AND DUMBER TO, MIRROR MIRROR, PRINCE OF PERSIA, NOW YOU SEE ME, and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES.