About Assaf Rinde


Assaf Rinde represents the best among a special breed of Hollywood film composers who combine a gift for storytelling and a deep understanding of the human heart and soul with technological brilliance and a real understanding of the musical aesthetics of our time. His unique blend of technical ability, symphonic mastery, and long-term study of the nature of narrative make him uniquely well-suited for the rigors of modern media scoring, ranging from the poignancy of a delicate short-form project through the splashy urgency of the video game to the large-scale dramatic venue of modern feature production.


He has scored over fifty film, television, webisode and video game projects, including recent films such as THE PULSE OF LIFE, GIMME SHELTER, SOMETHING’S GONNA LIVE, A LETTER FROM THE PAST, AMEXICA, NAILED, and KILL ZONE, which brought him a 2009 nomination for Best Original Score in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. He was a team member on such high-visibility films as GHOST RIDER and SPIDERMAN 3, he contributed music for the popular 2010 video game FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, 2011 THOR: GOD OF THUNDER & 2011 RAGE, and most recently ROCKET TOSS developed by Oculus. He has also scored theatrical trailers for major studio films such as BOOK OF ELI, DUMB AND DUMBER TO, MIRROR MIRROR, PRINCE OF PERSIA, ZERO DARK THIRTY, and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES. The world of television advertising too has enjoyed his work, with commercials for DENNY’S, LUXGEN and COCA-COLA.


A graduate of the highly rigorous Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at the University of Southern California, Assaf Rinde has worked with virtually all of the most prestigious musical organizations in his native Israel and many in Europe as well, complementing his professional and personal relationships with top-level talent in Hollywood. Rinde’s concert compositions have been performed worldwide.


In 2013 Assaf founded his Los Angeles based company, CRESCENDO EFFECT, INC., which provides music and audio services to his clients.



About The Studio


In January of 2014, Assaf moved into his new, state-of-the-art studio. With the highest quality equipment and mastering-grade acoustical treatment, Assaf’s studio offers the ultimate scoring experience for both composer and client. Located in Burbank just miles from the Disney and Warner Bros. lots, the studio offers unparalleled comfort and convenience for Assaf’s clients.